Ewa Fañanás

Natural of Huesca although I consider myself a citizen of the world.

I am a tireless traveler I have lived in countries such as India, Germany and the US, I have traveled half the world, that has made me change my perception of life and our passage through it.

That's why I created Onaireo to help others fulfill their dreams.

In the Xhosa culture UBUNTU means "I am because we are" if we are all happy, I am happy.

I have been a computer technician for 19 years, I have also worked in various types of events for 17 years. I have also worked as a teacher and project manager in several NGOs, 2 years as a field worker (India), my volunteer work goes back to my youth.

Visit my blog, where you can live my adventures.


Marisa López

Dj Bruja, whose real name is Marisa Lopez, born and resident in Huesca (Aragón, Spain), is one of the few Spanish DJ women specialized in SBK sessions (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba) and in the Latin music genre. She is currently one of the most important DJs in Europe in the traditional Dominican bachata genre.

She is an official as a profession, specializing in subsidy issues.

She is also a great person with a big heart, a great organizational capacity and meticulous in what she does. No doubt a great signing for our Association.


Sonia Pascual

Natural of Huesca. Official specialized in administrative procedures and with the Administration. She is a very special person with a big heart and an incredible capacity for improvement, she is without doubt an example to follow.